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Maka Taylor’s Mission

I love you more than words could ever express; I believe in you more than you could possibly fathom, and I’m counting on you to return to your noble position of kinghood. I, along with a wellspring of other black queens, are standing by your side-nurturing and enriching one another in preparation of the Crown. The synergistic influence of our sacred autonomy is the vibration of power we must rescue from arrest. We save us and our children, we then save the world from itself. I’m aware that you’re roving about in exhaustion, weary to the very core of your bones. consulting critical race theory financial consulting

My brothers, that equates to your sisters as well. Howsoever, I promise to continue critical race theory consulting financial consulting
carrying the torch of potential, to be a voice of inspiration when all else fails, to be a bank of financial assistance with whatever coins I can muster, to be a beacon in the dangers of dark although my flame is dim. Be it pouring rains, be it war in the valleys, be it cold and hunger . . .

I vow to find a way to survive, a way to keep the engine afire that someday you will join me in both glory and triumph.Yet without love, passion for something better, collaboration, knowledge of self, respect and apprehension of one another . . .
we will continue to kneel and 
dissipate to the sword of both envy and brute.

Maka Taylor

Growing up in Saint Louis, Missouri, it became obvious that something was terribly unfitting in the black community when compared to many predominantly white communities. consulting critical race theory financial consulting

Known as a stalwart for black love and progress, I’m often asked: “How do we fix urban communities?” As a proponent for constructive change, someone stifled by lengthy periods of extreme challenge, darkness and conflicting viewpoints, immediately make it clear that you are pardoned for yelling “HELP!” Nevertheless, my overall response to this question is that the best place to start is at the inception–yourself.

Critical Race Theory

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I. Remove Sad Diet

“It is our living responsibility to make educated decisions concerning our wellness. This may sound old and redundant but we are what we eat, drink and think.”

II. Practice Humility

“Our attitudes and feelings about matters
have an impact on everything we do, say and believe. So, if you harbor a negative outlook on life, if everything is about self, the likely outcome of many of your affairs will be unfavorable. “

III. Rekindle Love

“When we function from the spirit (energy) of love, we gain the ability to revive the greatness in us all, to reconnect with the legend of our ancestors. Love teaches us that it’s okay to
be different, that our insecurities are but stumbling blocks to progress.”

IV. Self Reconstitution 

“The greatest trick of control in all time has, and continues to be, the steering of man and woman away from him and herself in hope of finding what is within, elsewhere.”

V. Acknowledge My Spirit

The greatest violation to the Spirit within is when we choose to do things that don’t produce good and harmony for the Soul. consulting critical race theory financial consulting

VI. Seek my destiny

“UNMASK THE FRAUDULENT. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE. THE POWER OF DESTINY IS WITHIN YOU.” consulting critical race theory financial consulting

VII. Live In Connectivity

Regardless of past hiccups, life is good, more like spectacular when we have matured in the spirit of overstanding and gratitude.

“To fully address the cancerous pit of degradation typical of many black communities, it is pertinent we confront the source that plays a significant role towards what has ballooned into today.”

Author Kay Taylor and D. Allen Miller teamed up in the creation of a masterpiece. More than just a book with facts and figures, 7 Steps To Kill My Nigga is a handbook that assists one through every phase of being black in America, from combatting racism to sacred healing. Each page provides practical steps and useful pointers to ensure proper growth and development for the reader. The occasional exhaustion associated with being black will dissipate as one arm him or herself with the advice in this manual. Poised, well-prepared and centered, 7 Steps opens the gateway for real black empowerment, the long-awaited sunrise for a brighter day. Afterword by Kevin Washington, Ph.D. (President of the Association of Black Psychologists)

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